Plan with Purpose...Yours

To accurately assess your financial position, of course it is important to understand your current assets, your liabilities, your income, and your expenses. Equally, or perhaps more important, are your individual goals and aspirations.  After a process of discovering and defining your goals, we will help you to develop a plan focused on your end purposes.  Among other components, it will include ways to help you increase savings and reduce debt, methods for strategic giving, and a detailed retirement analysis.  Other aspects of our comprehensive offering are described below.  


Risk Management

An important component of financial planning is risk management, which means an evaluation of the insurance you may need to protect your assets, your loved ones, and yourself. This can include life, disability, umbrella, and long-term care insurance. Your need for insurance will change over your lifetime, so it is important to review your coverage on a regular basis.



Reviewing your investments is another critical component.  The portfolio allocation, the strategies implemented, and your risk tolerance, should all be monitored and evaluated regularly. This will help to ensure that the overall portfolio allocation is aligned with your investment goals and your time horizon.  


Tax Planning

In-depth tax planning can help to optimize your financial plan.  We work with our clients to implement methods that can help reduce taxes. These may include tax-efficient portfolios, charitable giving strategies, and other tax deferral techniques.  


Estate Planning

With a customized estate plan in place, you control the distribution of your assets, both during life and upon death.  Such a plan will take into account tax considerations; but, above all else, should incorporate your objectives for your beneficiaries and heirs.  Documents that should be in place, and subsequently reviewed regularly, are a will, financial power of attorney, and healthcare directive.


Our Interactive Tools

Our offering also includes access to C-Plan, our interactive planning tool. Features include:

  • Personal website with 24 hour access to all financial information
  • Account aggregation with budgeting
  • Online vault for secure document storage
  • Mobile access